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Import Contacts from Nokia VCF to Android – Complete Guide

Android is considered as the most powerful mobile OS for having more than 80% of market share of all smartphones worldwide. It has played a significant role in revolutionizing the smartphone functioning. Before smartphones, people used to have normal mobile phones run by Java, Symbian and other mobile Operating systems of such kind. Even today, a number of people are still using mobile phones. It is possible that you have to transfer contacts to from old Nokia phone to Android. In that case, the necessity to import Contacts from Nokia VCF to Android will arise. In the following write-up, we will discuss the solution for the same.

Why there is a Need to Transfer Nokia .vcf File to Android?

There are still some people in the World who use basic mobile phones instead of smartphones. This section of the non-Smartphone users mainly consists of elderly citizens, like parents or grandparents, who are not much tech-savvy. In addition, if someone is switching from a Java or Symbian phone to Android tablet or phone, they will also come across the need to transfer the contacts. Nowadays, the process to transfer contacts from one smartphone to another has become very easy because of various sharing methods. However, the main challenge arises when we need to transfer contacts from basic mobile phone to Smartphone. Here, the question of how to transfer Nokia .vcf file to Android will be answered.

Method to Import Contacts from Nokia VCF to Android

Solution: Through Common Fixes

By using Nokia PC Suite, all the Nokia contacts can be transferred to Android phones and tablets easily. The steps of doing the migration are given here.

Note: To complete this process to import contacts from Nokia VCF to Android you are just required to have Nokia PC Suite installed in the system. It usually comes with the phone itself. Otherwise, you can also download the suitable version of it from the internet that is compatible with the model of your phone.
  1. Firstly, connect your Nokia phone to PC/ laptop by using PC Suite. 
  2. Go to Contacts and press CTRL+A to select all the contacts. 
  3. Go to Desktop or any empty Folder and press CTRL+V to paste. 
  4. Thus, all contacts will become a separate .vcf file.
Now, this becomes quite messy with many VCF files, depending on the number of contacts you have. To resolve this, try following steps:
  • Open the command prompt in Windows.  
  • Navigate to the storage folder where the VCF files are stored. 
  • Run this command now: COPY * .VCF combined.VCF
This will copy all the VCF files and turn them into a single VCF file. Therefore, the process to import contacts from Nokia VCF to Android will become smooth. Now, this VCF file has to be transferred to the Android device you want. Transfer VCF file to the Android device of your choice via Bluetooth or Memory Card. Then, carry on with the rest of process.
  1. Take the android phone and make sure it is running.
  2.  Find out Contacts from the All App list and tap on it.
  3.  Go to the Contacts View and tap on the three vertical dots icon referring to More. The location could be anywhere on the screen based on your device. 
  4. A list of options will appear. Tap on Import Contacts. 
  5. Now, the Import from the box will come. Tap on the option where the VCF file is stored
  6. Create contact under account box will appear. Tap on Local contact option to import VCF files the local device. 
  7. Let the device search for VCF files and wait. 
  8. After it finds the vCard, it will be opened in Select vCard file box. Tap to check the checkbox beside VCF file name. Then tap OK. Now the process to import contacts from Nokia VCF to Android has completed successfully.


  • Single VCF for Each Contact: Nokia PC Suite turns each contact into a separate VCF file, which is difficult to manage. 
  • Technical Knowledge Needed: To use the command option to combine all the VCF files into one requires technical knowledge of some extent.


The process to import contacts from Nokia VCF to Android is a lengthy one. Though it seems easy as everyone around us is using a smartphone, there are situations when you cannot help Exporting Nokia VCF to Android phones. During such time, people obviously look for ways through which it can be done easily. The method discussed above is one of the best possible ways to import the Nokia contacts to VCF without any hassle.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Import Contacts from Excel File to Nokia Android Phones – 2 Simple Methods

How to Import Contacts From Excel to Nokia Phones

Now Nokia Company launched Various Android supported such as Nokia 8, Nokia 7,  Nokia 5,  Nokia 3, 2 Device market to challenge other Android supported Mobile companies established in the market. Above 80% market captured by Android device and still increasing. In this blog, we discussed 2 methods that can help a user to import Contacts from Excel to Nokia Phones. Methods are so easy, even a naive user can easily transfer contacts stored in an Excel workbook to Android Nokia device. 

An Excel file used to store, retrieve and for numerical analysis, but it can also help the user to transfer contacts from Excel to Android supported Nokia device. Mostly Android supports a format called VCF or card file form to user contact information. This format acts as a standard format to stores information an electronic business card. To view user information such as Name, Address, Phone number, Email Address , a user need to convert these Excel file contacts into VCF format, so that Nokia user can easily import this VCF File into Nokia devices.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird to Add AOL Emails to MBOX

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Monday, 18 December 2017

Export Contacts from Thunderbird to vCard & Convert Address Book to VCF

An e-mail application isn’t very useful without a list of user contacts. This contact list provides several conveniences like avoiding having to type the recipient’s e-mail address individually each time. Or creating groups so you can instantly e-mail people at one time. All these contacts are stored in address book file. Now many users may need to export contacts from Thunderbird to vCard in order to access them in another email client like Outlook. This blog will cover the possible solutions and methods to achieve Thunderbird to vCard conversion. Let’s first take a look at the user scenario to understand the situation.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Free Guide to Save Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 Contacts as vCard

Summary: The blog describes a solution to save Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc., contacts as a vCard format. Users just need to perform the procedure in a step-by-step manner to attempt task without any hurdle. There is no need to have third-party software installation to export outlook contact list to vCard. All that one needs to have is Microsoft Outlook installed on the machine where steps are to be executed.


Many enterprise users looking for a solution to export Outlook contacts list to VCF file for free. The vCard file makes it easy for an individual to carry or share a particular contact information with the desired person. Business clients prefer usage of this file because it is easily portable and works on different digital platforms.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Solution to Sync Exchange Contacts with Google / Gmail Accounts

Are you in the need for a solution to sync Exchange contacts with Google Accounts? If yes then, you are absolutely at right platform. The page describes need to move/transfer contacts from Exchange to Gmail and the ways for the same.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Import Excel Spreadsheet into Outlook Contact Group/List

Not able to Import contact group to Outlook from Excel spreadsheet due to different error such Mapping translation error or address field not recognized. Hope this blog will provide a solution to these kinds of error. Just follow the 4 Steps process and import contact group to Outlook from Excel file.

How Distribution List Help Outlook User

MS Outlook provides lots of utility and features to their user and one of the important options from various features is Distribution List or Contact Group [alias name]. By creating a Contact Group, a user can send a single information to various people within few click. By doing this, a user doesn't need to send a single email every time to each user. This feature helps a lot user to send related information to a particular group, without sending the same messages to each user individually.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Export Contacts From Outlook to iCloud - Three Efficient Ways

Hassle-free Solutions to Export Contacts from Outlook to iCloud

"I am using Outlook application in my organization for saving all crucial data. As we know, there are various malicious attacks entered in it, so as per the security purpose, I am thinking to sync all my contacts to the iCloud group. However, I do not know how to perform this task and that's why I am looking for a help to export contacts from Outlook to iCloud in a quick and accurate way. Please suggest me any relevant solution."

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Export Contacts From Gmail To CSV File To Save Web Contacts Locally

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If yes then, you are at the correct place! Here, you will find each and every step to save Gmail contacts in Excel/CSV format. There are many users who want to export Gmail address book to CSV format but didn’t find a perfect solution for this migration.